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RCA 4-Way Distribution Signal Amplifier

RCA 4-Way Distribution Signal Amplifier

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*IMPORTANT TIP -  Indoor Signal Boosters / Amplifiers can work nearly as well as outdoor amplifiers only if the loss between the amplifier to the antenna is low, (up to 65ft of low loss RG6 cable length max only),

All splitters, devices, and additional RG6 coax cable length (beyond 65ft) should be installed on the "TV Side" (the output connector on the amplifier), otherwise a quality Outdoor Signal Amplifier should be used for a good result.



If you have more than 50ft of RG6 coax cable (or 25ft or more of RG59 cable) or feeding your antenna to more than one TV, your install may benefit from a signal amplifier.

This model has 4 x ports of amplification (10db each).  By using the connectors on the amplifier, instead of a non-powered splitter, much of the loss is removed and still have plenty of amplification left over to also restore loss caused by long coax runs.



  • Reliable and precise connection

  • Use with RG6 or RG59 coaxial cable

  • Amplifies VHF, UHF, and FM signals by 10dB