Range Xperts Two Year Limited Warranty

Range Xperts Two Year Limited Warranty


All Range Xperts antennas and products are proudly covered by a long 2-year limited warranty period at no extra charge, which works as such:


First Claim:

For the first claim within the 2 year warranty period, Range Xperts with cover both the part costs and the shipping costs all at our cost for you.


Second Warranty Claim:

For a second claim, Range Xperts cover all part costs on the second claim as well, but a minimal shipping cost of $6.00 to ship the replacement parts applies. 



Excessive Claims / Three or More Part Claims:

For excessive amounts of claims (three or more customer claims), abuse to this policy, or parts broken due to negligence to the Range Xperts product (for example using a hammer on aluminum tubing or vice grips to over-tighten a connector), Range Xperts will still assist in locating part(s), but reserve the right to ask for both the part(s) cost and shipping cost to be paid by the customer. 


What Parts/Products are Covered: 

The included 2 year warranty covers all Range Xperts brand of products and their associated parts (refer to other brand's warranties if not a Range Xperts product).

The warranty coverage is meant for part / item issues that need replaced for necessary proper operation, performance, durability, and usability of the antenna/product(s), but not for cosmetic or frivolous related issues (see frivolous claims seciton further down)..  

Before a claim is to be granted, we must see photos of the damages to ascertain said part is defective or broken by our technical staff.


Frivolous Claims:

This warranty is not meant to get a new shiny antenna or replacements for cosmetic reasons or similar frivolous concerns, but only for issues that truly necessitate a new part for performance, durability, and usability reasons.

We reserve the right to deny claims that have no impact whatsoever on the performance of item, its usability, durability, or related reasons that don't necessitate a new part. Claims may be rejected for cosmetic reasons and/or minor issues that can resolved easily by the customer with only a little care and maintenance.  

Pictures of said broken or defective items / pieces may also be required prior to issuing a part replacement.


For Non Range Xperts Products Sold on Our Website:

The two year warranty policy outlined above does not apply to non Range Xperts brands, please contact and visit their manufacturer's site for their specific warranty policies and for submitting claims.

For other brands of accessories and equipment sold on our site, please contact their brand's website for their specific brand's warranties (for example RCA coax cable, signal amplifiers).