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Long Range TV Antennas For Sale

We Specialize in Long Range TV Antenans


What is the Best Outdoor TV Antenna?:

Finding the best antenna for your area isn't always cut and dry.  We specialize in long range, deep fringe HDTV antennas, it should be noted that placement and how an antenna is mounted can be more crucual to the final result (i.e. mounting a long range TV antenna inside an aparment building or brick/stone/concrete/aluminum siding home generally doesn't work so well, since these wall mateirals will effectively shield out the antenna).

.  In many cases, we help customers pick up difficult stations that other antennas have failed at..  However it should be noted that not all areas benefit from a high gain antenna (the higher the gain, the more directional the antenna becomes).  If you're new to antennas, you may be surprised to know that higher gain antennas actually have the lowest range at their sides and behind them.

In some areas, such that the stations are only moderately weak, but in multiple direcitons, our simple 360 degree Omni antenna may be more suitable.

However in areas such that weak stations are in multiple directions, it may be possible to use a highly directional antenna (for ample gain) and adding a rotator / rotor so that it can be turned or at least a second antenna and a combiner or A/B coax switch, so that two directions of weak stations can be viewed..

For retrieving weak stations and maximum range however, a decent sized antenna with several element such as our Insane gain UHF and VHF/UHF models may be just the ticket.  Not only are our antennas extremely efficient, we mazimized their potential for their respective sizes.  Meaning, not only do we have 18 x UHF elements (plus 12 x VHFelements for the VHF/UHF insane version), we've carefully tuned them to haave the maximum gain possible for their respective sizes (44" lon for the UHF only antenna and 60" long for the VHF/UHF version).

Our VHF/UHF version is only 60" long, but has an outstanding up to 100 mile UHF range and up to 80 mile on VHF over flat terrain (without significant obstructions / terrain in the way).   In addtion to their lenghts, we've added oversized corner reflectors to make a very robust antenna.   Our UHF only version has a robust corner reflector set, whereas the VHF/UHF version has "two" corner reflector sets. 

Another reason we made the UHF corner refletor elements extra robust in size, is they aso help improve the VHF gain on the VHF/UHF version (the are long enough to act as very effective director elements on the VHF band as well in this configuration.

Antenna range and reception performance isn't limited to merely antenna gain hoewver.  There are other considerations which we've carefully took intoo consideration to yield an exceptional product such as:

1. How well matched the antenna is (it's operation frequency bandwidth):  Our antennas maintain under a 3:1 vSWR (actuallly under 2:1 for the majority of the US UHF band), making it efficient accross the entire US UHF TV BAnd.

The VHF/UHF version also have under a 2:1 vSWR across the entire VHF-hi band (can also be modded for VHF low).

The low vSWR means the antenna is well matched, with minimal losses.  This is important, as a so called long range TV antenna with many elements can actuallly perform poorly if it's not welll matched due to poor impedance mis-matching issues and other inefficiences  

To find which Range Xperts antenna is best for you, please see our ANTENNA COMPARISON PAGE.