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About Range Xperts HD TV Antennas

About Us:

Techies Store LLC dba Range Xperts, we're TV Antenna Experts at heart! All of our antennas are designed to achieve a maximum amount of channels for their respective size.  Our indoor flat antennas use an advanced fractal design, which enables each model to become effectively resonant for a large range of channels with minimal loss.  Our 65-mile antenna also adds a signal amplifier for even higher effectiveness.  Our outdoor antennas are also computer engineered for the best possible performance for their size.

Range Xperts and its retail channel Techies Store are based out of the United States (in the state of Indiana) and is a U.S. Veteran-Owned company.  Although much of our manufacturing of our models is currently overseas, all admin, logistics, customer service, & support are based out of and done right here in Indiana. 

The owner is also a long time Amateur Radio (ham radio) operator since the age 14.  He has long had a passion for creating high quality antennas even at a young teen age, that work effectively and with maximum performance, so he could talk with friends around the world with his amateur radio hobby.  Although we are a small TV antenna company, we aspire to grow and add many more exciting models at an affordable price to the public.