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Medium Duty Roof Mount with 54" Mast
Medium Duty Roof Mount with 54" Mast
Medium Duty Roof Mount with 54" Mast

Medium Duty Roof Mount with 54" Mast

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Medium Duty Roof Mount with 54" Mast


This set includes both a medium duty "adjustable pitch" roof mount and a RCA 54" tv antenna mast (great match for smaller antennas such as our Dual Stack 200 and Omni OB-130 models).  Note, not recommended for large antennas (i.e. not recommended for our insane gain directional antennas), with rotors, or with taller masts.




Not for Recommended for Large Antennas with High Windloads or Rotors / Heavy Weight:

Note: This set is meant for smaller antennas (such as our Dual Stack 200 or our Omni OB-130 models) and masts under 5ft only.   Not recommended for antennas larger than 36", or masts over 5ft, or rotors / rotators.  For our larger antennas, we sell a heavier duty 38" Roof Mount instead for these models.  


Don't forget to waterproof / weatherproof your roof install and the lag screws that penetrate the roof or shingles. Adding the proper roofing sealant that works well for your roof type is recommended by experts (these are available at most local hardware stores).  

For example: for common asphalt shingles, generally a quality roof cement or Tar patch, (also known as bishop tape, and pitch patch) are suggested to seal and waterproof the bolts and bolt heads.