130 Mile 360 Degree Omni Directional HD TV Antenna
130 Mile 360 Degree Omni Directional HD TV Antenna
130 Mile 360 Degree Omni Directional HD TV Antenna
130 Mile 360 Degree Omni Directional HD TV Antenna
130 Mile 360 Degree Omni Directional HD TV Antenna

130 Mile 360 Degree Omni Directional HD TV Antenna

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Model: Range Xperts OB-130 – 360 Degree Omni-Directional HDTV Antenna


The Range Xperts OB-130 is a very efficient omni directional antenna with full sized UHF and VHF elements for maximum amount of omni directional performance possible, with an up to 60 mile Line of Sight range and a sometimes an under 130 mile Tropo (sky wave) range, if the item is mounted outside, above roof height, (indoor mounting or terrain obstructions will reduce this range).



An omni style simply means the pattern isn't largely focused into one direction, but rather works in all directions well.  A dipole is typlically considered Omni directional, however it's shape will have a small gain increase broadside to the antenna (meaning there will be just a light gain boost if the long side of the antenna faces the stations).   An Omni style 360 degree antenna is of course more convenient than a directional antenna, but won't have as high of a range as a directional antenna's pointed to direction.  



With Over the Air TV, both the UHF and VHF HDTV frequency bands are very wide, such that a thin mono element design results into a too narrow bandwidth.  As such smaller and thinner elements on other Omni antennas don't do a good job of maintaining their gain and efficient matching across over all the UHF and VHF-hi TV channels.  To combat this, our design uses known engineering tactics such as more more efficent broadband matchig and much wider elements (note the wide aluminum blades) to greatly improve this   Meaning, a 4 inch wide VHF single element antenna will cover a much wider frequency spectrum than only a 1/4inch or even 1 inch single element Omni antenna.

Our Omni OB-130 style model ultilizes a more efficient wideband matching system in tandem with wide, flattened VHF and UHF full sized elements for an improved, wider frequency response (higher efficiency).  

This Omni directional design is most especially superior to smaller circular omni antenna designs on the VHF-hi band, as the longer length and widened wings offers full sized VHF element performance, however it should be noted that an Omni directional style antenna is by no means, will have the same range as a powerful directional antenna.


What to Expect:

Although this antenna is an efficient, 360 degree Omni DIrecitonal antenna that works on both VHF/UHF, an Omni style antenna will "not" have the same range as a Directional Antenna with a focused signal.   There is always a trade-off in performance for convenience. 

So an Omni-Directional antenna that works in all directions well, is only recommend to use in areas, such that stations are spread out in multiple directions and turning or adding a rotor/rotator isn't desirable and you're okay with not picking up the weakest of signals. 

The paragraph below also explains on how to get a general idea of which stations are and are not possible with a well made Omni Directional VHF/UHF antenna:


Run a TV Signal Report on TV Fool First (using your full address):

If mounted outside above the roof,  this effective Omni can generally pick up VHF and UHF stations that in the "Green" and "Yellow" backgrounds (but none in the pink or below) as shown on the TV Signal Locator page on TVfool.com, but none of the stations in the Pink or Grayed out colors.  This is typically under 60 miles Line of SIght path range if mounted outside above the roof height. 

Indoor mounting or "edged" paths shown on TVfool signal report will of course also reduce the range significantly.  This item  will also lose nearly all it range if mounted in an apartment, condo, or even homes if they use brock, concrete, stone/rock walls, or stucco, aluminum, or metal siding.



The easiest method, is run a TV signal report on the TV signal locator page on TVFool as explained above (the stations in the "Green" and "Yellow" backgrounds tyupically are possible, if this item is mounted outside, above roof height). 

Generally under 130 miles during Tropo/skipping off the lower atmospere (Tropo occurs randomly during some summer and early fall late nights & mornings only), and normal line of sight range under 60 miles, when mounted outside, above the roof (range will be significantly lower if mounted inside).

Note: item will not work within apartments, condos, or homes with brick, concrete, stone/rock walls, or stucco, metal, or aluminum siding!

Line of Sight means major obstructions aren't in the way, and the stations should show LOS paths when inputting your full address at the TV Signal Locator page on TVFool.  Note: If the paths on TVfool are not "LOS", this antenna may still be able to pick up many 1edge and 2edge path signals, but only in the "Green" and "Yellow" background colors only.


Although directional antennas will have farther range in the direction they're pointed at, this antenna often works better in areas where the stations are in multiple directions (such as the Northeastern US) and adding a rotator to the directional antenna isn't desirable.   Additionally, it may be worthwhile to use both an Omni directional and a directional antenna in an install, and switch amongst them with a simple coax switch. 



We get it, adding a rotor / rotator is both expensive and inconvenient.  If your stations are both in the pink color and in many directions, a rotator is unfortunately a likely necessary investment, if getting them all is desirable. 

If you're mainly concerned about station in the "Green" and "yellow" background colors only as shown on the TV Locator Page on TVfool dot com, this may be a good alternative solution if you either want to keep your antenna small or portable and/or don't want to rotate your antenna constantly.  This HDTV antenna works in all directions with good performance (under 60 miles line of sight), when mounted well outside, without neighboring homes or buildings in the way.


Although a non-directional  (also known as an Omni directional) antenna isn't as strong as a directional antenna pointed in its best direction, this model does a remarkable job in all directions without any turning necessary (great choice, if a rotor can't be used in an area with stations scattered in many directions).


This model outperforms most Omni directional models, by using a more efficient, low loss design on the UHF and VHF bands.  Using effective, large conductor UHF loops within its housing, and full sized VHF elements (its aluminum wings), it has outstanding efficiency over the wide TV channel frequency spectrum!





·       Full UHF and VHF Omni-Directional Performance

·       No Rotor Needed!

·       50ft of "Low Loss" quality RG6 coax cable included!

·       Full Sized VHF elements also inlcuded (which is rare on most omni antennas, as others try to make the antenna too small).

·       Up to 130 Maximum "Tropo" range (sometimes happens very late at nights and early mornings), up to 60 Mile Line of Sight (ground wave) range!