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Heavy Duty Insane Gain Outdoor TV ANTENNA
Heavy Duty Insane Gain Outdoor TV ANTENNA
Heavy Duty Insane Gain Outdoor TV ANTENNA
Heavy Duty Insane Gain Outdoor TV ANTENNA

Heavy Duty Insane Gain Outdoor TV ANTENNA

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Range Xperts Insane Gain XPS-1500 - Heavy Duty Long Range HDTV Versions 

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How to Assemble:  


Choose the Model that's Best For You:

Two Options (Long Range on the UHF band only or long range on "BOTH" VHF & UHF).

If you select "BOTH LONG RANGE ON VHF & UHF", the powerful UHF HDTV antenna also includes our patented long range VHF kit (that makes the UHF antenna longer and adds multiple VHF elements to the antenna) and also includes a specially made VHF/UHF combiner piece (coax connector is on the box for easy cable hook-up).  Below is a photo of our patented VHF Kit's contents (if you select this option):

Optional Long Range VHF Upgrade Kit Contents Shown:

*Note, don't be fooled by antennas that advertise as being 150, 250, or even 990 mile range, (which isn't even possible due to the curvatue of the earth), our up to 100 mile insane gain models have both higher antenna gain and are built to last longer, than these smaller, cheaper made antennas that often claim to be 150 to 990 mile range online. 

We offer our insane gain models in two versions (your choice of either long range on UHF only and a version with long range on both VHF & UHF), protected by both US and overseas patents:


"BOTH" Long Range UHF & VHF (this option has up to 100 mile line of sight on UHF and up to 80 mile line of sight range on VHF-HI Band)


Long Range UHF band only (this option is the same on UHF, but only up to 35 mile line of sight range on VHF-HI Band)

*Note, if you need long range on UHF only, here's the listing without the VHF Upgrade Here


Don't Be Fooled by Tiny Antennas Advertising as 150, 250, or even 990 Mile Range: 

Antenna size and the amount of tuned elements it has for its frequency of operation is has is what determines actual antenna gain (and signal amplifier gain doesn't increase range like antenna gain can).  

Our Insane Gain VHF/UHF model has 18 x UHF and 12 VHF elements (the small antennas advertising as 150 mile plus range often only have a handful of UHF elements and typically only one VHF element at the back) and is 60" long.  It also features two sets of corner reflectors to squeeze in more VHF/UHF elements for its size. 

Even our more robust antenna (which often has twice the UHF elements as these small antennas advertising these crazy ranes), with a an unobstructed line of sight path. will max out at up to 100 miles on UHF and up to 35 miles max on VHF (up to 80 miles with VHF Upgrade Kit option). under an ideal scenario (ie. full power staiton flat terrain with line of sight path, without nearby homes/buildings, or dense trees blocking the path).  Farther than 100 miles is rare and will require Tropo conditions (read more below about what Tropo is and when it typically happens) to exceed the curvature of the earth limitation.

A more true method to determine an antenna's actual range, is (by it's size and how many tuned elements, for the frequency of operation.  For example,  Our Option 1 (long range UHF antenna) has 18 x UHF tuned elements for the US UHF TV Band and is 44 inches long this would have much more UHF antenna gain than a small imported 24 inch long TV antenna (often claiming 250 mile range) with only 8 x tuned UHF elements.

Then there are VHF/UHF combo antennas.  You must remember that not all of the antenna or elements are devoted to one band for combo antennas. A 6ft long 20 element VHF/UHF antenna that split's it's boom and elements between VHF hi and UHF will likely have less UHF gain than a 44" 18 element UHF antenna, since not all of combo antenna or its elements are tuned or devoted to UHF. 

Another example, is old style, large 10ft long TV antennas with 30 plus elements but designed to cover three bands: VHF-Low (which is rarely used today), VHF-HI, and UHF.  So if this 10ft antenna elements are divided equally amongst the three bands (VHF-low, VHF-Hi, & UHF), then in this example a 10ft three band TV antenna would likely actually have less UHF range than a smaller UHF only antenna with 18 x UHF element elements (on UHF), since all its elements are devoted to UHF.

So on the surface this example of a 10ft old style VHF-low/VHF-high/UHF antenna with 30 elements may seem like the best antenna, however for many areas today that have moved almost entirely to UHF, in reality it may actually have less UHF gain and range than this 44 inche model with 18 x element UHF antennas, due to having less elements devoted to UHF.  

As a side note, our Option 2, although it adds long range VHF capabilities, oowever still retains all 18 x UHF elements (none of the UHF elements are reduced), you'll still have 18 x UHF and also a total of 12  x VHF tuned elements.


*Note, Never Go by an Antenna's Advertised Gain or Range Alone:

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.   Small antennas do not magically have more antenna gain or range than larger ones tuned for the same frequency..  For example, many (if not most) imported antennas online often quote exaggerated ranges and gain just to sell tiny sized antennas or may be adding in the gain from a built in cheaply made signal amplifier's (which is not at all the same as antenna gain), to this figure.  Although a quality made signal amplifier has its purposes and is sometimes even a necessity (namely maintaining a signal through high loss components such as splitters), they don't actually increase the maximum range of or change the pattern of antenna.  If your install doesn't have high loss to begin with, you may not even benefit at all from a signal amplifier and they can decrease the quality of the signal by adding extra noise to the system.   On the other hand if you need to run your antenna to multiple TVs and/or have a long coax run that is dropping some signal after the antenna, we have you covered there too, we also sell some affordable, name brand RCA signal amplifiers (in te $15 to $30 range) in our store, if you do need to run mulltiple TVs off a signal antenna, however for most installs, they're simply not necessary.


What Exactly is Tropo Range?

Tropo is a longer than normal range, but generally happens rarely.  A skywave path enhancement that sometimes happens to VHF and UHF TV and Radio signals during late nights and early mornings in the summer and early fall months.  These longer than normal ranges are sometimes achievable when the lower atmopshere (the troposphere) allows for VHF and UHF signals to ride this atmosphere layer and return back to earth (also referred to by radio operators as VHF / UHF scatter or short skip).  When this skywave enhancement is present, it can typically extend range by an additional 10% to as much as 250% in distance (this is where the up to 250 Tropo range refers to).  Without Tropo, grond wave range paths are generally considered to be limited to 100 miles in a best case scenario, due to the curvature of the earth itself preventing a longer line of sight path.


Note: This listing is for the antenna and mast clamp only.  Some additional accessories (which we also carry) recommend for some installs under these scenarios, such as:

1. You have weak stations in more than one direction -  Either a rotor / rotator or second antenna may be needed to cover all the weak stations in additional direciton(s).

2. If you have high install loss due to splittlers (or running the antenna to mulitple TVs) or coax lines well over 50ft, adding a Signal Amplifier is recommended to maintain signals, otherwise such equipment can wipe out a signal quickly.  The signal amplifiers don't technically increase the antenna's range, but rather maintain it by cancelling out the effects of high install loss (note, on the other hand, if your install loss is low (no splitters in the line, only one TV connected to the antenna, and 50ft or less RG6 coax cable..), generally a signal amplifier is a waste of money).

3. You have weak VHF stations 35 plus miles away or with edged paths (instead of line of sight) per TVFool dot com, we highly recommend the VHF Upgrade Kit  (see OPTION #2 above) for weak signal capabilties on both the UHF and VHF high bands.

4. We also sell roof mounts and mounting poles (if needed).

*IMPORTANT RECEPTION WARNINGS* -   Not recommended for apartment or condo building installs.  Also not recommend for inside homes that use brick, rock/stone, and/or concrete walls or with metal/aluminum siding, as these materials effectively shield out radio and tv signals.  Poor reception expected if mounting inside of apartments or condo buildings or buildings/homes that use brick,concrete, metal, or aluminum walls or exterior siding as these materials shield out tv signals...   Note: TV signals cannot penetrate through any metal, brick, or concrete barriers!   If you mounting indoors or below roof height, be aware of walls or neighboring homes composed of brick, concrete, and/or metal / aluminum siding, if the antenna isn't mounted above them and they're in between the path toward the TV stations.

Northeast USA & Areas with Weak Stations in Different Directions - Higher gain antennas are consequently also more directional.  This item's maximum strength is approx 35 degree wide, however can often pick up full power stations up to 35 miles away in all directions too, (assuming they aren't weak stations and/or blocked heavily by terrain), however If you reside in the Northeast part of the USA and/or in an area which has weaker stations (such as due to mountains or large hill ranges in the way (also known as 1edge or 2edge paths on the TVfool tv signal reference site) in different directions, a rotor or second antenna with a coax switch (a combiner sometimes also works well) may be needed to pick up stations in different directions.  

In the northeast part of the USA, this area is especially common to have weak stations heavily scattered in different directions and blocked by mountains and/or heavy hill ranges, thus a rotator is almost always necessary for this part of the USA.  We sell rotors in our store, but rotors are a bit pricey.  If a rotor is undesirable, a second best option would to add one of our quality Outdoor Omni-Directional antennas.

ATTIC Mounting - Attic Mounting will always have lower range than outdoor mounting.  Note: if you must install indoors, our fully adjustable indoor / attic tripod is superior to stationary attic mounting solutions or limited movement mounting, as they'll reduce likelihood of getting the optimum signal indoors and you may find you have to mount too close to your homes walls or roof (thus adding loss).  No tools needed for our tool-less tripod and no drilling whatsoever into your expensive home.  It's superior to fixed mounts, as it installs instantly and both the height and direction are fully 360 degree adjustable at anytime, and you can place it away from home materials to prevent them from detuning it (via a simple hand tension knob to alter it's height or direction instantly). 

HIGH INSTALL LOSS WARNING - Long coax cable runs (more than 50ft of RG6) or running your antenna to more than one TV (or adding splittlers) creates high install loss that can greatly weaken the signal and reduce channels found, unless a quality, low noise "Signal Booster" is added.  View our store for name brand Signal Boosters for only $10 to $30.



  • EXTREME PERFORMANCE SERIES HD TV VHF/UHF ANTENNA - Deep Fringe Capable Yagi Design pulls in stations that other models don’t even know exist!
  • LONG RANGE UHF & VHF PERFORMANCE – Made by Range Xperts, so you know it's good, this is our 
  • OUTPERFORMS THE COMPETITION - Designed from the ground up for the best possible HDTV performance, this model’s UHF performance outperforms all UHF Only TV Antennas 44” or shorter in size, and compares favorable on UHF than even 8ft long VHF/UHF combo Antennas.
  • DEEP FRINGE CAPABLE - Perfect Solution for picking up even the weakest of signals at far off distances!
  • SUPER EASY ASSEMBLY - Comes 95% pre-assembled, Easy 4 Step Assembly (assembly manual included). - Requires no tools to assemble.
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty Included!  

 Please Be Safe With Your Install, Also Read & Obey: